Frequently Asked Questions

1) When can I expect my order?

We try to process each order the same day it was made.

2) What is the difference between harnessed and non harnessed?

Harnessed baits come with a treble hook on the bottom and a unique internal harness system. They are NOT weighted internally and it is not a "line thru". This is how the original Bass Pro XPS Swimbaits were designed.

Non Harnessed Baits are great for fishing on heavy swimbait jig heads, or owner beast hooks (We suggest the 10/0). 

3) You are out of stock. When will more be coming?

Because we are a small operation, it may be between 30-90 days in between batches. With our new website we will now sell direct to consumer and be able to get baits even quicker to our customer

4) Do you have a Pro-Staff?

No we dont. We are also not accepting any pro-staff inquiries.